Food Safety

Our Key Strength and Overriding Factor

Our Certifications speak volumes on our superiority

Quality could be managed through modern processing technology but Food Safety Problems like contaminants, pesticide residues and toxins are the major challenges facing Food Industry today. Spices have generally been regarded as low risk; however the incidence of food-borne illness and food recalls associated with this sector has increased significantly in recent years. Spices are natural products that, without antimicrobial treatment, can harbor large numbers of bacteria, including Salmonella and pathogenic E. Coli, Aflatoxin, allergens and are often adulterated with dyes.

The food safety challenges have resulted in importing countries bringing in accelerated stringent regulations. Countries in the European Union and Japan, Korea and USA rank high on food safety norms and regulations which is trickling down to the developing world.

There is increased consciousness about Pesticide Residues and Aflatoxin in developed countries. European Union have brought stringent laws by increasing no of pesticide residues and lowering tolerance levels for Aflatoxin and Pesticide Residues in spices. USA, the largest importer of Spices from India, further strengthened the Food Safety System through Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) to be administered by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

The primary focus of Suruchi Spices is mitigating these food borne risks. We are technology-led, quality conscious, customer-centric and market driven company. Our multi-layered Quality Control System leaves no stone unturned to deliver safe and pure product and we have all the requisite certification and facilities to substantiate it. Right from procuring the high grade raw material to customized packaging as per client’s requirement, there is quality process involved in every step.

Backward Integration

  • Contract Farming for IPM Chilli
  • Focus on Food Safety, Product Integrity and Traceability

Infrastructure Superiority

  • In house Steam and Eto treatment facility
  • Units are 22000:2005 certified

Testing Competencies and Facility

  • Quality control laboratory equipped with HPLC , Spectrophotometer
  • Competent skilled manpower for testing Mycotoxins, Active components


  • Processing locations are HACCP complaint and BRC, USFDA Audit Certified.
  • Organic to be taken up soon for spices division.