Steam Sterilization

The potential for pathogens like Salmonella, E coli, yeasts, moulds, enterobacteraceae and sporeformers to get into the food supply has resulted in the trend towards more stringent Good Agricultural Practices and Regulations. Spices may be heavily contaminated from the soil where they were grown and harvested. These microbes are not arrested by simple processing techniques. Sterilization is necessary for the complete destruction or removal of all microorganisms (including spore-forming and non-spore forming bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa) that could contaminate spices thereby constitute a health hazard.

We take in pride of our IN- HOUSE steam sterilizer which is a key technological advancement offering customer more safe product conforming to the stringent norms of microbial loads, while maintaining high quality. Steam sterilization is a unique process to decontaminate spices using saturated steam at high temperatures leading to the killing of biological agents present. Our astute understanding of the technology translates into a cost effective and result oriented choice for our clients while causing negligible thermal impact.

Salient Features

  • Raw as well as powdered spices (except for non-flowing) have been commissioned.
  • Validated procedure w.r.t Time/Temperature condition and Biological Indicators assuring safe product .
  • Periodic revalidation is done
  • Continuous decontamination of bacteria and pathogens – 5 log kills are typical

ETO Treatment

Ethylene Oxide has been used for decades throughout the low-moisture food to safely and effectively eliminate pathogens like Salmonella and E. Coli. They are recognized as some of the most effective and widely accepted microbial reduction technologies available to the food industry. The American Spice Trade Association recommended the use of validated Ethylene Oxide treatment to mitigate the risk of food-borne illness. Apart from USA, , the sterilization is getting highly accepted for various countries around the world.

In order to maintain tighter control of the quality, safety and compliance of our products, Samay Agro operates its own microbial reduction systems employing Ethylene Oxide to sterilize the product at a low temperature (as compared to Steam Sterilization). Ethylene oxide fumigation uses alkylation as its mechanism of action. This sterilization technique kills any form of life whether bacteria, fungi, virus, insects or other organism and thus giving assurance to our clients regarding the quality of our produce.

MBR Treatment

Methyl Bromide is most widely used fumigant for quarantine purposes. It is a preferred fumigant for most of the quarantine authorities around the world, because of its good penetrating ability, rapid action, high toxicity to a broad spectrum of insects and pests.

This odorless gas is quite stable and normal aeration at the end of fumigation and processing re4leases unreacted fumigant and brings down the residues to insignificant levels.

BRC Certified Unit

Our Spice Milling Division, SAMAY AGRO PVT.LTD., is a progressive modern unit that is BRC “A” certified by TUV. The BRC certificate is an assurance to our consumer that we meet all the safety, quality and operational criteria required within a food processing unit in order to satisfy the statutory obligations and those relating to the consumer protection.

Our Samay Agro Factory is completely dedicated to the processing of spices for the export market with a capacity of 3000MT.The design and construction confirms to the International Standard for food processing units. It facilitates separate stores for raw material, finished goods and packaging material and has in house quality assurance laboratory and all the other facilities to cater to the current standard of safety, quality and hygiene worldwide.


All the samples from raw material to on-line to finished products for both Export and Domestic market goes through stringent and comprehensive documented Quality Checking System in our in house well equipped Quality Assurance laboratory.

Our standard laboratory is divided into three divisions viz Chemical Lab, Microbiological Lab and Analytical Lab for the speedy and efficient handling of the analysis done on various parameters. Our in house modern facilities HPLC, Spectrophtometer enable us to test all the norms as per EU and ASTA. Our sampling and laboratory testing facility covers wide range of parameters for spices including:

  • Chemical Analysis- Total Ash, Acid Insoluble Ash, Crude fiber, Moisture, Extraneous Matter, Granulation, Volatile Ether Extract, ASTA Color value
  • Microbiological Analysis: Yeast& Mold Analysis, E coli, Salmonella, Listeria
  • Aflatoxin Analysis
  • Ochratoxin Analysis
  • Capsaicin Content

All the analysis are performed by our well-trained and experienced Quality Control Team following internationally accepted methods and providing Certificate of Analysis for each and every raw material as well as finished products

Cold Storage Facility

Cold storage facility plays vital role in maintaining quality and extending shelf life of produce as well as reduce transport bottlenecks and ensures seamless supply of raw materials for year round. Cod storages for spices are extremely important to protect them against microbial contamination, mold infestation, pest infestation and volatile oil loss.

We at SuruchiGroup, possess our own Cold storage facility under the name of Suruchi Cold Storage Pvt. Limited. The huge and commodious cold storage facility of capacity 9000matrictons is headed by our professionals. Constant pre-determined temperature maintained at our cold storage help us to retain freshness, color and aroma as well as maintain quality of our produce.


We always keep “Quality at Priority”. We have a strong belief that even after 37 years of experience the only good quality raw materials can provide us a final product correctly defining customer’s requirement. Maintaining this, Suruchi group doesn’t compromise on raw material quality.

A Procurement Plan is well reserved in place at Suruchi, which is followed to ensure proper quality. We always procure good quality chillies. Our Purchase Team with expert knowledge is reliable to maintain this quality while procuring these raw materials directly from the farmers.

For other raw material, we only trust on certified suppliers with proper Certificate of Analysis for the same.

We conduct different Chemical, Microbiological and Sensory tests at our own laboratory before receiving these raw materials. The raw materials are approved only by meeting all the required criteria and stored in a controlled environment (as per requirement) to retain their distinct properties as best as possible.

Stemless Processing Zone

Possessing our own stemless processing zone wherein we monitor strictly other foreign material, and other contaminant which gives us the surety of the quality which we are supplying from the beginning.

Possessing stemless facility gives us competitive edge to stray away allergens and others contaminants which is serious problem in Countries like USA, MEXICO, AND OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES.